We are one of the Bangalore’s leading Cycling event organization.

I Cycle Is a concept. It is a statement of responsibility.

It means, I am tired of seeing my City, my World, my Environment getting polluted and Cycling is my first step towards redeeming a little bit of what is left.

What We Do:

About Us

We are a team of cycling enthusiasts based in Bangalore. While enjoying the benefits of cycling, we realized how much fun it actually is. Now we want to share the joys of cycling with other likeminded people and help them appreciate its benefits. Hence we started the organization, I Cycle.

Having said all this, unless a person enjoys cycling, adapting to this non-polluting vehicle is a challenge. In an effort to make cycling a feasible option, we at I Cycle! are offering cycling experiences. We are striving towards creating a mindset that Cycling is a realistic and practical mode of transportation, with a host of benefits attached.

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