Ghati Ghats
29 JUN 2019

Ghati Ghats
Transit Distance
135 Kms
Cycling Distance
30 Kms
Cost per person
Rs. 900/-

Name: Rohit
Mobile: 99643 01652
Exp: 3 Years

Level 1: Among the easiest of ghats to peddle, this trail (approx 30kms) covers the surroundings of Ghati Subramanya temple.

If you have gone easy on the trail before and still don’t want to go real hard on yourself yet with a really demanding trail, then you should try the Ghati Ghats trail which is designed for the level 1 cyclists who intend to try moderate elevation before scaling tougher heights.

A trip and a trail in itself, with approx 135 kms of transit distance to & fro, this bicycle ride starts near the Ghati Subramanya temple and the cyclists will circle around for 30 kms to end the trail at Hiremuddenahilli with 2 stop overs in between. The roads are predominantly good (90% tarmac roads) and it is a pleasant trail even during summer due to good tree cover. Cyclists will be ferried back in the transit vehile and dropped off at Sadashivnagar Swimming Pool by around 02:30 pm.

Things to Carry: A sun glasses & one water bottle
Dress Code: T-Shirt, Shorts or Track & Shoes

The Cost Rs. 900/- Per Person (Includes: Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch, Mechanic Support, Support Vehicle, Helmets, Mentor Cyclist & Medical Support)

Event Start & End Point:
Global Swim Centre, Sankey Road
Cycling Start Point:
Near Ghati Subramanya Temple
Cycling Start Time:
8:30 AM
1st Stopover after:
13 Kms
2nd Stopover after:
14 Kms
Cycling End Point:
Cycling End Time:
12:30 PM
Event End Time:
02:30 PM

15 AUG 2019
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