Independence Day Ride to Bidadi (Magadi)
15 AUG 2019

Independence Day Ride to Bidadi (Magadi)
Transit Distance
90 Kms
Cycling Distance
30 Kms
Cost per person
Rs. 950/-

Name: Sunil
Mobile: 9901105822
Exp: 4 Years

“Open roads lead to open hearts. We Will hold the Protest.It will
be a Peacefull Rally to Bidadi-Magadi this Independence day..”

Patriotic ICYCLE Ride 2019 …(BIDADI-MAGADI) Passionate Riders, Celebrate the Patriotism Spirit, N feel proud of our Nation….

Level 1: A short & sweet trail of approx 30 kms starting from Bidadi to Magadi via Manchanabele Dam and Savandurga Forest.

Picking on the best of trail route for this level 1 cycling ride covering a lake, dam, forest and a temple to make it a pleasant one for the beginners, there isn’t a better way to begin your cycling journey than to start with this trail. With the highest to lowest altitude point difference of just around 400 feet and with distance of just 30 kms to & fro, this trail isn’t demanding at all, so you learn to cycle without breaking much sweat.

Things to Carry: A sun glasses & one water bottle
Dress Code: T-Shirt, Shorts or Track & Shoes

This trail (Cycling to Magadi) is a Level 1 cycling trek covering an approx 30 kms of cycling distance with a cost of Rs. 950/- (Includes: Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch, Mechanic Support, Support Vehicle, Helmets, Mentor Cyclist & Medical Support) (if any).

Event Start & End Point:
Global Swim Centre, Sankey Road
Cycling Start Point:
Nelligudde Kere, Bidadi
Cycling Start Time:
08:30 AM
1st Stopover after:
12 Kms
2nd Stopover after:
11 Kms
Cycling End Point:
Magadi Main Road
Cycling End Time:
12:30 PM
Event End Time:
03:00 PM

29 JUN 2019
Ghati Ghats