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Cycling denotes moving with complete control on the world at your feet. Coffee country offers a sloping adventure to your wheels where the vintage Western Ghats is up for mystic discovery. Great Malnad Challenge MTB ride beckons the cycling souls with craving for fitness and those calm minds on shoulders to reinvigorate for many a life challenge ahead. The classic and coveted MTB ride event garners footfall from our country and also from global aspirants to sneak into the geographically blessed terrains of India.



A cherry-picked cycling trail traversing through 400 km and 5 days packs several local treasures of earth in the region and kindles the relevance and sensitivity of the mighty Western Ghats in an increasingly conscious ecological and biodiverse cognizant population wanting to make a difference to the planet. The servings and the spread of food consumed during this cycling challenge is a healthy testimony to the native breed of nutrients grown in the form of cereals, millets, grains and vegetables by the locals.


Locations amid the ride soothes and heals participants as several historical monuments, nature nourished scenic points and spiritually filled places of worship come calling in your wheels of rejuvenation. Further unhindered territories of the Ghats are sure to propel up the cyclists own warm dialogues with nature filled increasingly with warmth, making one look inwards for loads of questions they have on themselves. As they say, realization happens within and we are sure GMC will be a catalyst in this change.


The flagship extravaganza is a congregation of individuals worshipping their fitness, thereby understanding each other’s perspectives towards healthy living. The portfolio of Cycling models range from few thousands until several lakh rupees adding to the purpose of Cyclist to upgrade and feel the ever evolving pleasure of moving on wheels. The post-ride meets of cyclists are notes to a music composer with healing rhythm that beats on lyrics of life, significance of being mobile and embracing the highs of green lifestyle.


GMC offers a treat to the participants through monsoon kissed terrains with gushing water streams wrapped with lush green landscape. The moist wind that blows through the cyclists face speaks a language of silence yet creates a mirror to searching one’s soul. Clearing the mist and seeing through the virgin rays of sun in the mornings, GMC riders are sure to be living an indelible and a life stirring times since their birth.



TOUR DATES: 01st - 05th November 2023


TOUR DATES: 24th - 28th JANUARY 2024

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