07 DEC 2019

Transit Distance
75 Kms
Cycling Distance
33 Kms
Cost per person
Rs. 900/-

Name: Sunil
Mobile: 9901105822
Exp: 6 Years

Level 2: Approx 33 kms from Chapparakallu all the way to the Nandi hilltop and back down the same way…

What’s a trail without peddling uphill and what better way to test yourself closer to Bengaluru City than scaling Nandi Hills? With a height of 1,479 meters (4,851 ft) above sea level of which you gain 400 meters of altitude in under 7 kms of ride, it’s a popular getaway with numerous bikers thronging this place over the weekend but… why should bikers have all the fun???

The trail starts at Chapparakallu, a quiet town after Yelahanka and heads towards Nandi hills, from the base to the hill top is a trek of 8 kms which has over 30 curves and 5-6 hairpin bends, they pose different challenges while ascending from descending. They surely test every bit of energy while going up and every bit of nerve while coming down. It demands a lot of perseverance and skill to complete the trail.

Cyclists are requested to assemble at Sadashivnagar Swimming Pool at 06:30 AM IST from where ICYCLE will assist with your transit to Rani cirle in our support vehicle, you’ll start your cycling trail at 07:30 AM IST with 2 stopovers before you scale the uphill, a final stopover at the hilltop and then you head back downhill and end the trail at Nandi Hill base. You’ll be ferried back to Sadashivnagar in our vehicle.

This trail (Cycling to Nandi Hills) is a Level 2 cycling trek covering an approx 33 kms of cycling distance with a cost of Rs. 900/- (Includes: Breakfast, Refreshments, Lunch, Mechanic Support, Support Vehicle, Helmets, Mentor Cyclist & Medical Support) (if any).

Things to Carry: A sun glasses & one water bottle
Dress Code: T-Shirt, Shorts or Track & Shoes

Event Start Point:
Global Swim Centre, Sankey Road
Event Start Time:
06:30 Am
1st Stopover after:
16 Kms
2nd Stopover after:
05 Kms
3rd Stopover after:
04 Kms
4th Stopover after:
08 Kms
Event End Point:
Global Swim Centre, Sankey Road
Event End Time:
02:00 Pm